Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul Dressed as Dark Angels for a Halloween Party … Before He Bailed, That Is

The couple who Halloweens together, stays together … so in that case, things may not be boding so well for Jake Paul and wife Tana Mongeau. The married YouTubers took to Instagram to share their epic couples costume for a Halloween party on October 25 — but according to the blonde beauty, her hubby bailed last minute.

“Guys, don’t ask me what my costume is because I don’t know because my husband bailed, hehe,” the 21-year-old said as she took a selfie video showing off her super sexy second costume. The ~lewk~ consisted of a bra made out of pink fuzzy dice, with earrings to match, and bikini bottoms. Of course, she had on some knee high heeled boots to top it off.

Before the vlogger called out her hubby for disappearing that night, it does seem like they went out for a bit — and they definitely took some steamy couples costume pics.

“DON’T f—king call me angel,” Tana captioned a series of two photos of herself and Jake dressed in dark angel/devil costumes together. One of their pals questioned in the comments, “Is Jake the devil?” Judging by Tana’s halo and Jake’s horns, we’re gonna go with yes on that one.

Jake also shared a different snap from the same shoot and captioned it “Devil’s angels.” Another one of their pals wrote “Mom and dad are so cute” on the pic. The former Disney star also asked for fans and followers to like the photo on his Instagram Story, adding that “Tana was asleep so I FaceTuned for her LOL.” Get you a supportive husband, y’all.

Tana shared several videos from her night out, both before and after Jake bailed on her — and it seems like it was a long one. After her angel costume came off, her friends Imari Stuart and Natalie Boheling showed up to hit the town with the MTV star.

Tana has been all about doing ~spooky stuff~ over the last month and we totally don’t blame her. Back on October 17, she and a bunch of her pals headed off to go explore an abandoned insane asylum. Naturally, though, she wore a skimpy, sexy outfit to do it. Good to know some things never change, y’all.

Scroll through the gallery to see Tana Mongeau’s costume without husband Jake Paul.