On Monday, Kylie Jenner‘s baby daddy Travis Scott attended the Warriors/Rockets game in Houston. And in an exclusive, a source told Life & Style that he overheard the Houston Rockets’ MVP James Harden — and Khloé Kardashian‘s ex — having words with Travis before the game. “James congratulated Travis on his new baby and told him he’s proud of him,” our source told Life & Style. But all did not stay positive.

kylie jenner travis scott

“James also ripped Kylie and the Kardashians, telling Travis the family’s a huge distraction and attention seekers and encouraged him not to lose focus on his rap career,” the source said. “James explained to Travis that that family sucks the life out men and that dating Khloé was like dating her entire family. James wants Travis to excel in his career and warned him that dating Kylie could be a fatal career and life mistake.” Tell us how you really feel, James!

Khloé dated the NBA player whom some called the best in the league back in 2015, but dissatisfaction with dating Khloé and arguably, by extension, her frequently photographed family, eventually took a toll on him. He described it as the worst year of his life: “I don’t need pictures of myself when I’m driving my car,” James said after the breakup. “Who cares? What shoes am I wearing? Who cares? Where am I eating? Who cares? It was unnecessary stuff that I think trickled down to my teammates. I had to eliminate that.”

Nevermind that dating him wasn’t exactly a bed of roses for Khloé: James was caught cheating on her after he asked her for them to be exclusive, according to the reality TV star. Perhaps James should stick to focusing on basketball and leave advice to the experts? The Houston Rockets were defeated by The Golden State Warriors 119 – 106.