Things got political between two Bachelor stars! Former Bachelorette contestant James McCoy Taylor took to social media to seemingly defend controversial Alabama politician Roy Moore instead of voting for our Bachelor Awards — and was called out by Ashley Spivey for victim blaming.

“I’m a straight white man who cares about everyone,” James wrote on Instagram. “And just like you wrongly assumed things about me, this guy hasn’t been convicted and you’re assuming. How long ago were these allegations? Super convenient timing. I don’t know either way and that’s the point — let Bama decide.”

Ashley, who competed on Brad Womack’s season of the reality dating competition, slammed James for his lack of compassion for the women who spoke out against the former judge. “Heads up… you don’t care [about] everyone because you are most certainly blaming sexual assault victims in this statement,” she said. “Sometimes it takes victims years to come forward with their story. Once again proving your ignorance.” Watch the video below to see how the heated debate unfolded:

Fans of the show quickly showed their support for Ashley and slammed James for taking the side of an accused sex offender. “James Taylor is the worst and is the clear example of the, ‘nice guy,’ stereotype. He pretends to be a good ole boy from the Midwest, but says the most ignorant comments and never listens to reason,” one redditor wrote, before another added, “I thought people were exaggerating about James Taylor but he is even [worse]. If I ever hear his name again it will be too soon.”

This is not the first time James has gotten political on social media. He also called out NFL players for kneeling on Twitter — which created a firestorm amongst his followers. “I stood for the Anthem in Pittsburgh. Just saying. Comment if you stand for freedom,” he wrote before deleting the tweet. However, he defended his stance on the hot topic. “For me, there is so much injustice in this world,” James told Us Weekly. “There are some terrible things going on. There always has been, there is today and there always will be. Does that mean you shouldn’t talk about it or stand for it? No, that’s not what I’m saying at all. What I’m saying is that there is a time and a place for it.”

He continued, “If you go around the whole United States, the world, everyone would have something they don’t agree with. There is some injustice that has been done to them. But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to say the National Anthem and respect our flag and our country. It’s just not the time or the place in my opinion and I’ll definitely stand behind that.”