Instagram fitness model Jen Selter posted a series of videos on Twitter after she was kicked off an American Airlines flight. The 24-year-old — who typically shares photos and videos of her workout routines with her nearly 12 million followers — documented her interaction with the flight crew while boarding a plane from Miami to New York.

In the first video, two people — who appear to be an airline pilot and a flight attendant — approach the star and ask her to leave. "The crew's asking for you guys to be removed," the pilot can be heard saying, to which Jen replies, "I didn't do anything wrong." She added, "I was standing, putting my jacket up [in the overhead bin], clearly irritable, we've been sitting here for two hours." She pointed out that two of the people she was flying with had gotten up to go the bathroom.

Another passenger can be heard speaking in the model's defense, accusing the flight crew of "harassing her." It is unclear if the fellow passenger was traveling with her or not. "I don't understand this. You're harassing her," the man said. "Why are you being aggressive?"

In the next video, Miami officers can be seen boarding the plane and tell her, "American Airlines calls the shots. They don't want you to fly on their plane today." Later, she wrote of her experience, "Just like that, five cops coming at me. Worst experience, American Air. I did nothing wrong but got kicked off the plane."

In an interview with ABC News, she said, "People kept coming up to me, and then all of a sudden five male officers come at me. It was really frightening."

Jen also shared a video of another passenger, who she said decided to get off the plane after seeing how Jen was treated. "The thing is, I saw what the guy did… She was just standing after two hours, we were waiting in the airplane," the woman said in the video. "One of the crew members… just came and started shouting at her, harassing her. He was really bad."

The model told The Washington Post she would "never ever fly American Airlines again."