As things appear to be heating up between Channing Tatum and singer Jessie J, his ex-wife Jenna Dewan has nothing but good things to say! On Nov. 13, Channing supported Jessie by gushing over her recent performance, so when Jenna responded to a fan comparing her to her ex’s new lady, things could have gotten ugly… if she was the jealous type. Luckily, Jenna is nothing but a class act!

It all started when a fan commented on a photo of Jenna, writing, “Whenever I hear of the ‘striking resemblance’ with Jessie J to Jenna Dewan… my only thoughts are ummmm no. Not even close. I don’t have a horse in the race but gf you are untouchable. Just trying to spread positive vibes, keep doing you!” We’re not sure comparing two women’s appearances could be considered “positive,” and other fans only piled on the negativity.

“Me too! It’s an absolute insult to Jenna’s beauty — inside and out! He’ll never find another Jenna.” Seemingly miffed at the insults being hurled at Channing’s new woman, Jenna responded, “positive vibes all the way!” with a winky kissing emoji. Yes girl, you tell’em!

Jenna and Channing still seem to be very good friends. She even appeared in a selfie with the actor on Halloween, while the couple had a grand old time taking their daughter trick or treating. After that, Channing headed to Jessie’s house, and a week later he took little Everly to one of her concerts.

It seems like they’re doing all they can to be one big, happy family, and we’re glad they aren’t letting negativity from fans pit them against each other! Not to mention, both women are absolutely breathtaking. Ignore those haters, y’all!