It’s co-parenting at its finest! Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan might’ve just filed for divorce recently, but that doesn’t mean they’re not getting along and keeping their promise to their five-year-old daughter Everly. On Wednesday, Oct. 31, the former couple got together as a family to take Everly trick-or-treating. Watch the video above to see the videos they shared on Instagram and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Everly dressed up as a pretty fairy, Channing was Genie from Aladdin, while Jenna looked stunning as Cleopatra. The three walked around the neighborhood, knocking on doors and asking for candy just like all normal families do on Halloween. They documented the whole night on Instagram, and from the looks of it, appeared to have an amazing time.

Channing kept teasing Everly about getting Reese’s chocolate, which went on for several Instagram Stories — basically the whole night. In one of the videos he shared, Channing jokingly admitted he made Jenna take one for the team. “So Evey had to pee, so we had to ask a house to let us use the bathroom. I made Jenna do it. I was afraid they wouldn’t be so receptive to me,” he admitted as he put his genie mask on.

Based on what they shared on social media, it seems that both Jenna and Channing started prepping for their Halloween celebration since pretty early on. Jenna posted a video in her costume at 8:00 a.m., while Channing appeared to channel Genie since broad daylight. It’s so great to see the two go out of their way to make their daughter happy. The actors announced their separation back in April and made it clear their priority remained in being “loving dedicated parents.”

They have kept their word no matter what, despite them both now reportedly dating other people. Channing is currently dating singer Jessie J, while Jenna just started seeing actor Steve Kazee, according to reports. It’s refreshing to see no hard feelings or awkwardness between these exes. They’ve shown that they’ve moved on, but still have each other’s best interests. We can all learn something from them!