Who needs a man, when you have bank? Beloved Friends star Jennifer Aniston has racked up an impressive net worth all on her own, proving Rachel Green would be just fine without Ross Geller. With a net worth of $220 million, the actress can surely enjoy the finer things in life. At the peak of her Friends stardom, the sitcom star earned a cool $1 million per episode. But that’s not all! She is still cashing in on the show 14 years later, all thanks to reruns and a Netflix deal. Scroll down below to have a sneak peek inside how she spends her dough.


To the star who literally convinced a whole generation to get “the Rachel” haircut — hair is very important. It’s no wonder why Jen only trusts her mane to Canalé Salon in Beverly Hills. With locks as famous as hers, the beauty pays a pretty penny, where a simple dye job starts at $400.

But as we know, beauty is not cheap, and neither is being a fashion icon! The starlet does a far share of splurging on fashionable accessories. She regularly totes around with a neutral cross-body Céline bag worth $2,200, but also swaps it for Tom Ford and Bottega Veneta whenever she gets the chance. With an average annual salary of $25.5 million, Jen could rock a new designer bag every day of the week!

jennifer aniston

It is easy to see that money is no object for this A-lister. With private-jet access, Jen frequently stays at Los Cabos, Mexico’s One and Only Palmilla hotel, where a luxe villa offers 10,000 square feet of living space — for just over $11k a night! Obviously, that is the key to the 49-year-old’s perfectly golden skin all year long. Jealous! Call us next time you need a friend to go with, Jen.