Jennifer Aniston’s Tattoos Explained: The Meanings Behind Her Small Inkings in Photos

Jennifer Aniston may not seem like the type to get inked, with her clean-living, All-American girl image. But the 52-year-old has two tattoos, and both hold deep meanings for her.

The first one she got was shortly after her beloved Welsh corgi-terrier, Norman, died in 2011. Following the death of the 15-year-old dog, Jennifer got his name tattooed in bold, cursive writing on her right foot.

Jennifer explained how just imagining what it would be like to lose Norman was an inspiration for her character’s emotions in the heartbreaking 2008 film Marley and Me. She told Inside the Actor’s Studio‘s James Lipton about her recent loss during a 2011 appearance.

“My Norman just passed away about a month ago, and I remember thinking I had never walked through having to lose a pet. So just the idea of it,” she explained about how she prepared for her character losing her beloved pet. “And Norman was getting up there at the time, so, again, easy access.” When asked what her favorite word was, Jennifer responded, “Norman.”

Jen added her second piece of ink around 2018, getting “11 11” tattooed on the inside of her left wrist, though she did a good job of keeping it hidden from the public. Her best friend since childhood, Andrea Bendewald, got a matching one as well.

The Friends alum‘s wrist ink got the attention of fans when it was noticeably visible during her appearance at the 2020 Screen Actors Guild Awards. The dark numbers stood out against her tan skin and white gown. The tattoo was more noticeable when Jen was on stage, accepting Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role on The Morning Show and holding her trophy.

A source later told People that Jennifer is “very spiritual” and believed the numbers were “good luck.” The insider added that 11 was significant for Jennifer because her birthday is on February 11 and Norman died in 2011.

Andrea showed off the BFF’s matching wrist ink in a February 11, 2021 birthday tribute to Jen on Instagram. She shared a series of photos, including one of the ladies as teenagers and the pair together in a more recent snapshot. Andrea then included the identical tattoos photo.

In her caption, Andrea brought up 11:11 but didn’t elaborate on its meaning. She wrote, Happy Birthday Jen! You are the best-est, most beautiful, talented, big hearted, kind and FUNNY woman on the planet! Here’s to YOU on your BIG day! You are LOVED beyond measure. Can’t wait to celebrate and make more magical wishes! 11:11. LOVE WALKING THROUGH THIS LIFETIME WITH YOU.”

Scroll down to see Jennifer Aniston’s tattoos.

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