Despite their decade-long feud, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey are currently sharing the newsstand on their own versions of Paper magazine’s Las Vegas issue! The over-the-top covers show the divas flaunting their totally glam selfs.

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Though their epic quarrel has been part of celebrity folklore since the early 2000s (you know, the whole Mariah saying she doesn’t know J.Lo thing… here’s a gif for your convenience), apparently they’re kind of joining forces while promoting their Vegas shows. Watch the video below to see the covers!

The two singers talked to the mag about their separate residencies. And Jenny opened up about how much energy goes into performing for her fans.

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“I do [cut loose] in my show,” she said. “But the show is so demanding for me that I kind of have to stay on regimen when I’m here. The name of the show is ‘All I Have,’ so I can’t be like, ‘Tonight you’re getting half,’ you know. You can’t do that.”

And though the shows are in the party capital of America, Mariah admitted that she’s mostly focused on work while in Vegas. “Well, it’s hard because sometimes it’s like two nights on back to back so I don’t really [go out],” she said. “It’s not like, ‘WOO HOO, let’s, like, go wild on the Las Vegas strip,’ but occasionally some of my friends and I will drive around, have fun, go to different places, do whatever.”

Well, feud or no feud, these two hot mamas are totally working it on their covers! Keep it up, ladies!