Internet Trolls Body Shame Mariah Carey, but She’s Too Fabulous to Care Dahhhling

So rude! Mariah Carey took to Instagram to share a sweet photo of herself enjoying a romantic dinner with her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka — but all people could focus on was that the songstress looked like she packed on a few pounds! Trolls left mean comments on the post, body shaming her and her size.

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In the shot, Mariah wore a super fitted black dress and bared her cleavage with a plunging neckline. Her back up dancer boyfriend had his arm around her and planted a big kiss on the cheek, but the comments distracted from their sweet PDA moment. “Mariah, you need to lose some weight cause [you’re] starting to look like a whale,” one user, and another wrote, “Mariah you look [so] happy girl. You just need to stop eating like a [pig].” Ouch!

But of course, her Lambs bared their hooves and came to their queen’s defense. “You know she has feelings too. Just [because] she’s a public figure, what gives you the right to call her names?” one fan wrote, and another had some wise words of advice her, “Live your life, love and enjoy yourself, Mariah! You deserve all the happiness and more.

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Mimi has always struggled with her fluctuating weight, especially after she gave birth to “dem babies” — six-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe, whom she shares with her ex-husband Nick Cannon. But last year, she revealed that pairing the Jenny Craig diet with an exercise routine is what helped her shed the baby weight. She also said she didn’t want to focus on just a number on the scale, and would measure her progress by how her clothes were fitting.

“I never weighed myself,” she explained to People. “People will think I’m a liar but it’s true. This is another cliché phrase, I’m a big boned girl I’m tall and so I always weigh more.”

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