Meet the Wahlbergs!

On the Season 3 premiere of Jenny McCarthy's reality show Donnie Loves Jenny, the 43-year-old surprised hubby Donnie Wahlberg by taking his last name — even though she once vowed she'd "never ever change my name ever never."

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The radio host secretly took a driving test in the couple's hometown of St. Charles, Ill., and received her new license with the moniker "Jennifer McCarthy-Wahlberg" on it.

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"There is nothing wrong with being Mrs. Wahlberg in my normal, every day life and keeping a stage name, like a stripper," the blonde beauty told her mom and sister of the decision.

Jenny added that it "feels like a new beginning" after being "independent so long." The actress' first marriage to John Mallory Asher ended in 2005.

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As for Donnie's reaction, he couldn't be happier with the switch. "To actually see her name and my name together on her license and know that she’s taken on my name — my wife who worked just as hard to make her name mean something in the world — it adds such another level of pride to me," the 46-year-old singer said.