Ummm, we need to talk about Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s baby voice ASAP because something is not right. The Jersey Shore star took to Instagram to share a video of himself talking to his daughter, Ariana Sky, and we can’t get over the noises he makes. Why does he sound like Gollum from Lord of the Rings? Is it just us?! Watch the video above to hear why we’re so freaked out by his baby talk!

Just kidding, Ronnie. No hard feelings. It is pretty cute to see the father of one spending so much time with his baby girl amid his baby mama drama. Just last week, it was reported that Ron and his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Jen Harley, got into a fight in Las Vegas. According to Us Weekly, Jen showed up at the hotel where the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast was filming Season 2.

“Ronnie and Jen have been fighting over their daughter,” an insider said. “Ronnie has been filming the show in Vegas the last couple of days and Jen wouldn’t tell him where their daughter is. She showed up to the hotel where they were filming.” But that’s not all. Another source told the outlet that "part of why they were fighting" was about their dog. "Their pitbull died," the source continued. “Jen was supposed to be taking care of the dogs when he was away filming, and Ronnie came home to their house and found the dog dead in the pool.”

Yikes. It looks like things have been going downhill ever since Jen watched scenes of Ron seemingly cheating on her with a girl he met at a club. At the time, Jen was still pregnant with their daughter. Following the incident, the couple went through a public breakup on Instagram, and Ron accused her of being unfaithful. In the last few months, they’ve kept a pretty low profile on social media, with Jen just sharing pics of their baby and Ron focusing on Jersey Shore promo.

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As for baby Ariana? Their darling daughter just turned two months old, and she already looks just like Ronnie’s mini-me! We hope that Ariana is getting lots of love from her parents, even if Ron’s baby voice is a little freaky.