Poor Jessica Simpson! On Jan. 10, the pregnant A-lister, 38, took to Instagram to ask her fans for some serious advice. “Any remedies?! Help!!!!!” Jessica captioned a picture of her very swollen foot/ankle. For those of you who have never been pregnant, swelling of the feet/ankles (edema) is entirely common — insert picture of Kim Kardashian when she was carrying Saint — however, that doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable. Watch the video above to see her swollen ankles and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Thankfully, the singer’s 4.4. million followers did not disappoint. “Warm water, salt, and vinegar,” one user commented. “Keep your butt in bed and elevate your feet above your heart. Make sure you don’t have preeclampsia, please,” added another.

Once again, if you’ve never had a bun in the oven, preeclampsia is a complication in pregnancy that stems from having high blood pressure. Symptoms of preeclampsia can definitely vary, but water retention in the legs is one of them. Unfortunately, based on Jessica’s snapshot, her legs look swollen, too. Sigh.

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Sick Day

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With that, many of supporters encouraged her to seek medical attention instead of offering their home remedies. “Girl, go to a doctor ASAP!!” someone urged. “OMG! I had this when I was pregnant with my daughter. I had severe (and very dangerous) preeclampsia! Jessica, this is no joke. Get to the doctor, please. God bless you!” echoed another. Seeing as this is Jessica’s third pregnancy, we hardly think she’s a stranger to the more adverse symptoms that go along with bringing life into the world. That said, we agree with her followers. Go see a doctor, girl.

Here’s hoping that everything is A-OK. At the very least, Jessica will definitely be avoiding heels for the next few months. Considering the blonde beauty announced her pregnancy in September, it’s likely that she and hubby, Eric Johnson, will welcome baby No. 3  as early as March. We can’t wait to meet her!