Poor Kim Kardashian!

On last night’s finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the 35-year-old gave fans a glimpse into her unpleasant pregnancy and drew attention to her swollen feet (which look incredibly painful!).

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“[The doctor] says he thinks it’s the Preeclampsia coming back,” Kim explained to Kourtney when she asked about her feet. “My baby is breach. The delivery is way more scary to me because I have to get the baby turned and in the right position, otherwise there could be some complications…I have a little bit of high blood pressure and I have protein in my urine, which are both indications of Preesclamsia, so I have to deliver before Thanksgiving.”

kim kardashian swollen feet

Later in the episode, Kim visited a dermatologist to have a few of her skin tags removed. Again, a side effect of her pregnancy.

“I have so many skin tags, I had then burned off before but they never came off,” she said. “They’re because of my pregnancy hormones.”

kim kardashian skin tag

We’re sure Kim’s relieved that she’s not pregnant anymore and has a happy and healthy baby.