Have you ever heard someone sing and thought to yourself, “How TF is possible for something to sound so beautiful?” No? Well, just wait until you see Jessie J belt out “Amazing Grace.” The British artist, 31, took to Instagram on Tuesday, July 30, to share a video of herself testing out her pipes under a bridge in London. Sure, it may *seem* like a weird place to perform, but hello … it’s called acoustics, people!

Of course, Jessie’s fans immediately flocked to the post to show her some love. “There are no words for your talent and grace,” one user gushed. “Chills!!!” added another. A third person chimed in with, “This made my day, week, life … such a glorious talent!” while a fourth echoed, “I’m sure your voice is even beautiful underwater!”

While we can’t be certain, it’s possible that Jessie uploaded this clip as another response to some haters who suggested that she uses auto-tune at her concerts. “Over the years, I have learnt it’s best to not react to the negative things people say about me, my voice and my shows,” Channing Tatum’s ladylove wrote on her OG clapback. “BUT one thing that still gets under my skin, is the amount of people that continuously accuse me of not singing live and using audio-tune on my shows.”

Buckle up, because Jessie’s message gets pretty freakin’ epic from here on out. “I just want to say this …  I have been touring and performing for over 10 years. I work hard. I practice. I am extremely disciplined. I make huge sacrifices to be able to perform LIVE with my band every night. I am obsessed with technique and breathing. Therefore, I have made it my mission to always BE FULL LIVE,” she continued. 

“I do not mime. I have never used auto-tune — in the studio or on stage. Ask anyone I have ever recorded with or any of my crew. I specially ask for it to be removed if I work with someone new and they add it to my mix,” Jessie assured. “I have never lip-synced. I LOVE what I do and I love to do things the traditional way.”

Hell yeah, girl! We love what you do, too. Keep slaying the game, Jessie.

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