When you’re family, you’re family. And though Bob Saget and John Stamos may not actually be brothers (or, technically, brothers-in-law) outside of Fuller House, there’s still plenty of love between them. Throughout the years, they haven’t just stayed in touch, they’ve stayed in each other’s lives, hanging out and poking fun at each other in public. They’ve basically just been the best TV family anyone could ask for. And now they’re continuing that trend with some adorable funny comments on each other’s Instagrams. 

When Bob was promoting a comedy event he’s doing in Portland over the coming weekend, he reposted the comedy club’s Instagram — which meant he was sharing another picture of his headshot, which is his profile pic on Insta. “PORTLAND!!!” he captioned the shot. And while John Stamos didn’t clue fans in to whether or not he’d be showing up to give his support, he did have a little something else to say. “Handsome headshot Bobby!” he wrote in the comments. 


“Bobby,” of course, couldn’t let the moment pass without sending back a little love of his own. He responded in kind, writing, “Thanks my brother. Coming from the master of the headshot I am flattered.” He even added a joke: “That’s the actual size of my head BTW.”

bob saget and john stamos exchange compliments in instagram comments

Recently, the family reunited to present on stage at the Creative Arts Emmys, and Bob and John got pretty loved up there, too. Bob even posted a picture of both of them with their partners on his Instagram, writing, “Nothing made me happier last night than seeing my brother John as happy as I am. So lucky to be with our amazing women, Caitlin and Kelly.”

The Tanners and their kin have always been just as much a family off-screen as they have been on. Recently, John’s family has expanded to his IRL wife Caitlin McHugh and their new son, Billy, and his TV family have been more than happy to welcome them. “He’s going to be an amazing dad!” Fuller House star Candace Cameron-Bure told Life & Style. “He’s already the best uncle there is, so he has lots of experience.” Now we just can’t wait to see what kind of uncle Bob is!