Now that the 2018 Winter Olympics are over, figure skating experts and commentators Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski are returning to their everyday lives. Which, of course, includes continuing to keep up a running commentary on pretty much everything that’s going on around them, despite living on separate coasts. Whether they’re talking about the Oscars or the Grammys or just whatever they’re having for dinner, the celebrity BFFs are in constant contact over text, recording their podcast, or while visiting each other. And they’re always exchanging critiques, thoughts, and jokes about pretty much everything. Well, everything except each other’s workouts.

“We definitely work out separately,” Johnny shared with us in an exclusive interview. “[Being Olympic athletes] comes into every aspect of our lives, whether it’s working out or flying or whatever, we have to be the best and we have to be the strongest and be great at it. So at our workouts, we work out really hard, and I wouldn’t want to critique her.” But he does have one thing to say: “She’s a very noisy worker-outer… She gets turnt. She puts on the loud music and she goes nuts. She’s an Olympic champion for a reason… She screams and gets crazy with her workouts.”

Johnny, on the other hand, has a different approach to staying fit: keeping his cool. Not only does he prefer a more calm environment for practicing pilates, he also does CoolSculpting, a procedure in which you literally freeze away fat cells. “I have been, for lack of a better word, obsessed with my diet and exercise regime for my entire life,” he shares. “Because when you think about it, when you land a jump, it’s about 600 pounds of pressure that you’re putting on your body. Every pound counts.” And while CoolSculpting is definitely a bit of a shock to the system, Johnny admits he might’ve had a leg up since he’s already used to cold temperatures. “It definitely helped me out,” he joked.

Being out on the ice didn’t just influence his workout, though. It also influenced his style. “I get so caught up in the coats and the drama of winter dressing,” he admits. And fans saw that flair for the dramatic through his border-line Hunger Games cosplay with Tara at the Olympics. “I’m a big fan,” he admits. “At the Sochi Olympics, our first as broadcasters, I loved the Hunger Games… I was inspired by [Cesar Flickerman] and just how fabulous his wardrobe was… A lot of sports broadcasters just wear a three-piece suit or a navy blue suit and that’s just not me. So I wanted to look for a muse that inspired me. Cesar Flickerman did that four years ago, and America just caught on.”

When it comes to fashion, it’s not just about putting together a good-looking outfit for the skater. It’s also about putting together a whole vibe. “I am an entertainer through and through, and it’s what I’ve dedicated my life to,” he says. “And going to the Olympics, being an athlete and creating a moment is very important to me. So my clothes have to do that as well.” But for him, clothes are more than just clothes. They’re art pieces. “My love of fashion really is kind of as a collector… My clothes are my Picassos. I’m from a lower-middle class family, so for me to be able to achieve and buy everything, I appreciate them so much. Whenever I look at a jacket or a blazer or a pair of pants, I know how many triple axles I fell on to be able to get that.”

So where does he find inspiration aside from Stanley Tucci’s on-screen aesthetics? “[Lady] Gaga definitely is an inspiration. I love Karl Lagerfeld. Different cities that I go to… Tokyo and Moscow are definitely places that I find so chic and so interesting for different reasons, and they both show up in my fashion.” And if he can’t find something that he likes, well, he just makes it. “I often will design my own clothes and have them made. I mean I’ve designed my own costumes since the beginning of my career, and I think that fashion and clothing are definitely a great next step for me because I have a lot of opinions. I know what I like, I know what my girlfriends like, and I’ve had a long time now being in fashion and collecting it and studying it.” Want a peek into what that might look like? Peep this coat he designed and collaborated on with Jacques Ferber.

johnny weir fashion

Now, he’s thinking ahead to what his vibe will be for the spring. And he’s picturing some monochromatic realness. “I pretty much wear all white from April until October. I’m a big fan of all white,” he laughs. “I go full opposite [from my winter looks] and just start with a clean slate.” Weaving those kinds of metaphors and moods into his style is what the star athlete is all about. “I don’t just war things because they make people talk. I wear things that make me feel beautiful. I wear things that I’m proud of. I wear things that I worked very hard for and getting dressed every morning is definitely an emotional process for me. It isn’t just throwing clothes on.”

And though he’s already pretty adventurous in his style, there are a few more things he has his eye on to rock down the road. “There was this giant Giambattista Valli dress that was kind of a coral pink. Rihanna wore it and it is the most gorgeous, gorgeous dress. It is my favorite thing ever. But it looks like a giant kind of tutu cupcake thing. And I would love to wear it one day.” We have no doubt he’d look fierce and ferocious AF in this glam gown.

johnny weir costumes

But sometimes, a look still doesn’t work out exactly how you plan. Sometimes, an outfit doesn’t come together the way you want. Or, worse, it comes together perfectly, only to try and ruin your day with a major wardrobe malfunction halfway through an event. So what do you when you split your pants while out and about, or when your extensions start falling out in front of everyone?

“Own it! I think there’s so much vanity in the world. And the minute that people start owning that they put hair extensions in or they wear Spanx or they wear foundation to cover up their tired eyes, I think the minute we start owning those things is the minute we can all be really free,” Johnny says. “So if something bad happens, if I have a wardrobe malfunction, if my hair falls out, if you know, I split my pants, I own it. It happens. Move on.”