No tea, no shade, but Jordyn Woods should seriously have her own skincare line. The 21-year-old model took to Instagram on Thursday, June 14, to share not one, but two stunning, makeup-free selfies of her flawless face. “Anyone else think it’s weird the weather in L.A. went from 0 to 100?” Jordy captioned the post.

Girl, we love you, but absolutely nobody is thinking about the weather when you post pictures *this* beautiful. Unsurprisingly, her followers agreed! “You have been glowing and growing ever since you’ve been doing you,” one user commented, seemingly referring to Jordyn’s falling out with former BFF Kylie Jenner and her famous family. “Ummm, you’re perfect. Skin goals!” added another.

In addition to being a total babe, the month of June has been pretty monumental for Jordyn. In fact, just hours before posting these gorgeous snapshots, the SECNDNTURE designer hit 10 million followers on the ‘Gram.

Considering everything Jordy has been through in 2019 — ahem, the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal — we’re so pleased to see that nothing can stop her shine (both figuratively and literally). That said, Jordyn definitely understands what it means to be in a negative headspace.

However, through exercise, she’s found ways to cope! “We all get off track and that’s OK,” she expressed in a recent Instagram Story. “I’ve been slacking recently because of work and travel, but it is time to lock in. Health is wealth. Make no excuses.”

“This is just my friendly reminder to anybody watching to just … summer is here. Lock in,” she continued. “Take the stairs instead of taking the elevator or the escalator. Just make a conscience effort to do something to help benefit your well-being because your physical health can even help your mental health. Drink more water and stay blessed.”

Same to you, Jordy!

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