Anyone? Bueller? Model Jordyn Woods took to her Instagram Stories to ask fans and followers for the one thing everyone needs when February rolls around: a Valentine. The brunette beauty jumped on social media to crowdsource for a bae on February 5, just nine days before the loved-up holiday.

“Which one of y’all wanna be my Valentine?” the 22-year-old captioned a cute selfie video, adding two buttons to the Story to create a poll. The two options on said poll were “yes” with a heart-eyed emoji and “yes” with a zany face emoji. LOL! It seems like a win-win to us either way.

Jordyn Woods Asks For a Valentine on Instagram

As far as dating goes for the budding actress, she actually told Life & Style exclusively that she wasn’t making the process of finding a man a priority for her … at least, not at the moment. But, as this Instagram Story shows, she’s clearly open to the idea if the right person came along.

“For sure,” Jordyn dished when we asked if she would date someone in 2020. “I’ve never been closed [off] to it. I just haven’t been focused on it. If something happens, I’m not closed off to it, but I’m not looking for it either.”

In the influencer’s eyes, there are tons of fish in the sea, so there’s time. “There’s always someone that I see, but nothing that I actually pursue or go for, I feel like,” she continued. “There are so many people in the world — there’s always going to be someone you find attractive.”

What qualities would her ideal man have? She’s got a list, actually. “A good personality, good sense of humor, someone that’s driven, someone that’s passionate about what they do and someone that strives to be the best in what they do,” she gushed. “’cause I’m a real hard-working person so I would like someone to have the same work ethic as me so that way they understand as well my lifestyle. And a good sense of style — style always helps! And a nice smile! Definitely a [nice] smile.”

Sounds like Jordyn knows exactly what she likes. Hopefully, 2020 is the year she gets it!