It’s clear Jordyn Woods is focused on her career, but for the upcoming year, she may take some time to focus on love. However, when it comes to romance, the 22-year-old is simply going with the flow.

“For sure,” Jordyn exclusively told Life & Style when asked if she would date someone in 2020. “I’ve never been closed [off] to it. I just haven’t been focused on it. If something happens, I’m not closed off to it, but I’m not looking for it either.”

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Courtesy of Jordyn Woods/Instagram

That doesn’t mean the model doesn’t occasionally have her eye on someone — well, sorta. Jordyn jokingly admitted that her Instagram crush “changed this week.”  She added, “There’s always someone that I see, but nothing that I actually pursue or go for, I feel like. There are so many people in the world — there’s always going to be someone you find attractive.” Very true!

So what exactly does the brunette beauty look for in a guy? “A good personality, good sense of humor, someone that’s driven, someone that’s passionate about what they do and someone that strives to be the best in what they do — ’cause I’m a real hard-working person so I would like someone to have the same work ethic as me so that way they understand as well my lifestyle,” she revealed. “And a good sense of style — style always helps! And a nice smile! Definitely a [nice] smile.” Those are all top-notch qualities, TBH.

For now, though, Jordyn is choosing to prioritize acting, which is something she recently began to purse. Jordyn stars in Footage Films’ new thriller Sacrifice, which premieres on the streaming service BET+, on December 19th. “I actually believe in trying everything and it was something that just kind of happened organically and I tried it out and I ended up loving it. So, it’s just part of my story — my career path,” she divulged.

The actress got to where she is thanks to her natural talent. “I auditioned and they liked me and I flew to New Orleans and I filmed,” she said. “I had no lessons, no anything … I just kind of went for it and it paid off. and now I actually just finished filming my second movie a couple weeks ago.” We’re excited to see her do her thing!

Reporting by Diana Cooper.