Jelly Roll‘s wife, Bunnie XO, was the one who brought his daughter, Bailee, to pick up the car she chose as her 16th birthday present and shared the milestone moment with fans in an April 10 TikTok video.

“The day has come. Our baby is f–king driving dude. We’re going in to pick up her first car ever!” Bunnie, 44, proudly told fans while in the driver’s seat of her car, as her stepdaughter sat in the back cheering.

Even though Jelly Roll – real name Jason Deford – is a country music superstar, the sky wasn’t the limit when it came to a price.

“We told this kid, you can have any car you want in the world but there was a budget,” Bunnie – real name Alisa DeFord – explained.


Brb going to cry 😭 #baileeandbunnie

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Bunnie added, “You can have any car you want in the world that isn’t above this budget. And this is what the child picked, this is what her heart desires. So let’s go f–king get it baby.” ​

The pair was seen walking through the dealership and filling out paperwork. “I can’t wait until you get in trouble, and I can take your car away from you for the first time,” The “Dumb Blonde” podcast host joked to Bailee, who responded by singing En Vogue’s lyrics “Neva gonna get it” several times.

The big reveal came when they walked out of the dealership where a white GMC Sierra 1500 truck with a big yellow bow on the hood was waiting for the duo. “I’m whipping in every field,” Bailee joked, as Bunnie pleaded, “Please don’t.”

“Take a listen,” the teenager said before turning on the engine for the first time and hearing it roar as she beamed with joy. “All right Miss Thing. Love you, see you later,” Bunnie told Bailee before letting her drive away.

“I can’t believe it! Our baby’s growing up, man. We’re f–king old man,” the Nashville, Tennessee, native said as she left the lot, telling viewers, “I remember when we were teaching her how to ride a f–king bike, guys.”

Bunnie captioned the TikTok video, “BRB, going to cry” with a weeping face emoji to show how much the moment meant to her.

Jelly Roll's Wife Takes His Daughter to Get 16th Birthday Car
Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

“I love that she picked out a truck!” one fan wrote in the comments, while Bunnie responded, “She’s our country girl.” She replied to another follower who commented, “Wasn’t expecting that but I absolutely LOVE it!!!” about Bailee’s vehicle choice, adding, “I wasn’t either lol.”

“Bless your heart Bunnie, you are such a great mommy,” one person gushed, while another wrote, “Bunnie, I respect you so much. You take care of that child. I love that. Shows what a person is truly on the inside.”

Bunnie became a stepmom to Bailee in 2016 when she and Jelly Roll, 39, married in a Las Vegas ceremony. The “Wild Ones” singer shares his daughter with ex-girlfriend Felicia Beckwith but has been her primary parent since Bailee’s 2008 birth.

Jelly paid tribute to Bunnie and what a great stepmom she was Bailee in a touching May 2020 Facebook post showing a photo of the pair.

“It takes a special kind of woman to raise a kid that isn’t her child and still treat the child as if she was. Bunnie is that special woman, outside of the social media, outside of the podcast, and all the business endeavors she does and helps me with, Bunnie is a beautiful soul,” Jelly wrote.

He added, “She is kind, patient and caring. Over the years watching her relationship with Bailee blossom into this beautiful mother daughter bond that it has become has been nothing short of magical.”