Bunnie XO has revealed she has a “hall pass” in her marriage to Jelly Roll, and she finally got to meet the musician while raving about their “love.”

The “Dumb Blonde” podcast host – real name Alisa DeFord – shared her dream man is Chris “Motionless” Cerulli, lead singer of the metalcore band Motionless in White. The two met at the Sick New World music festival in Las Vegas in a video she shared on April 27.

“When you finally get to meet your hall pass,” Bunnie, 44, wrote over an Instagram video of the pair meeting backstage, set to Celine Dion‘s iconic hit “The Power of Love,” with the lyrics, “‘Cause I’m your lady, And you are my man,” playing.

The Nashville, Tennessee, native showed several shots of Chris in action on stage, along with her reaction, blowing out deep breaths as she seemed very impressed by what she saw.

Bunnie XO Shares Who Her 'Hall Pass' Is in Jelly Roll Marriage
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“You could say we’re in love now,” Bunnie wrote in the post’s caption.

Fans had mixed thoughts on her choice, with one writing, “Nah pick a better hall pass! He looks like Marilyn Manson,” while another added, “That dude ain’t no hall pass he’s a hard pass.” One confused fan commented, “Not me thinkin’ it was the hot security guard!”

Others understood Bunnie’s interest, as one person wrote, “For you to touch his hand HE has to be special,” and another noted, “Knowing Bunnie Xo is an MIW fan is f–kin awesome.” She had competition from one follower who commented, “Hey now. That’s my boyfriend. He just has no clue that we are in a relationship. Chris is amazing and one the nicest humans alive. Talented and beautiful.”

Bunnie XO Shares Who Her Hall Pass Is in Jelly Roll Marriage Comments
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Some fans let Bunnie know that they’d be happy to be in her position, with one telling her that Jelly Roll is her “hall pass,” while another asked, “I wanna know who Jelly’s hall pass is, men always pick such random people. My husband said Flo from the progressive commercials…”

One person scolded Bunnie, writing, “Your husband @jellyroll615 is way better. That man is so sweet and respectful and beautiful and you love that. U don’t need a hall pass. He is your husband and hall pass.”

Bunnie was on the move over the weekend as the evening prior to her meeting Chris in Las Vegas, she joined Jelly, 39, on stage at the Stagecoach Festival in Indio, California, on April 26.

The “Wild Ones” singer made it a family affair by bringing on his daughter Bailee, 15, along with his wife.

Bunnie XO Shares Who Her 'Hall Pass' Is in Jelly Roll Marriage
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“This might seem a little corny, but I had to get cool dad points. I took my daughter out of school today and I flew her to California for this show. Don’t tell her teacher,” Jelly joked with the audience. He even had the crowd sing “Happy Birthday” to his daughter, whom he shares with ex Felicia Beckwith, as her 16th birthday was 10 days away.

Jelly and Bunnie met in 2015 at a Las Vegas country saloon where he was performing. The following year, the couple eloped at the city’s famed Little White Wedding Chapel.

“It takes a special kind of woman to raise a kid that isn’t her child and still treat the child as if she was. Bunnie is that special woman, outside of the social media, outside of the podcast, and all the business endeavors she does and helps me with, Bunnie is a beautiful soul,” Jelly wrote in a Facebook tribute alongside a photo of his wife with his daughter in May 2020.

He added, “She is kind, patient and caring. Over the years watching her relationship with Bailee blossom into this beautiful mother daughter bond that it has become has been nothing short of magical.”