After less than two years of marriage, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are headed for a split, as “they just couldn’t make it work,” a source told In Touch.

“The writing is on the wall – it’s over,” the insider shared in an interview published on Wednesday, May 15. “They’re headed for a divorce – and for once, [Ben’s] not to blame!”

The Argo star has already moved out of the couple’s $60 million home. Jennifer, 54, was photographed house hunting in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, May 14, while Ben, 51, was nowhere to be found.

“He’s focusing on his work and his kids now,” the insider added. “Ben already moved out and they’ll likely have to sell the dream house they spent two years searching for. They’ll never stop loving each other, but she can’t control him, and he can’t change her. There’s no way it could have lasted.”

Fans have noticed that the pair have been spending less and less time together, while they used to be photographed together on a regular basis.

Onlookers were stunned when Ben didn’t attend the Met Gala on May 6, even though Jennifer was a co-chair of the event. It would have marked their debut as a couple at the glitzy A-list ball. The Hustlers star posed up a storm on the red carpet while solo, hardly able to crack a smile at times.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Are Headed for a Split
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Ben’s excuse was that he was working on The Accountant 2, but In Touch’s source said he “decided to call it quits” on his marriage to J. Lo.

“Even the red carpet fashion commentators were confused, thinking Ben would be right behind Jen, but nope, she went solo, which shocked a lot of people,” a source dished exclusively after the gala.

Tensions seemed to arise when Jen released her Amazon Prime Video documentary The Greatest Love Story Never Told in February, which looked at her past and present love life with Ben.

The Oscar winner confessed, “Getting back together, I said, ‘Listen, one of the things I don’t want is a relationship on social media.’ Then I sort of realized it’s not a fair thing to ask. It’s sort of, like, you’re going to marry a boat captain and you go, ‘Well, I don’t want the water.’ We’re trying to learn to compromise.”

Jennifer added, “I don’t think [Ben] is very comfortable with me doing this, [but] he doesn’t want to stop me.” The source said, “Ben would never try to stifle [Jennifer]’s dreams or tell her she can’t do something that advances her career, even though she can be quite controlling of him.”

The Gone Girl star made it known in the documentary how the intense scrutiny about their romance in the early aughts is what ​caused the couple to call of their September 2003 wedding just days before their nuptials. Ben blamed it on “the massive amount of scrutiny around our private life.”

The pair went on to break up in January 2004 before rekindling their relationship in the spring of 2021. Ben and Jennifer married in a Las Vegas ceremony in July 2022, followed by a lavish formal wedding at his Georgia estate on August 20, 2022.