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Taylor Swift ~Shakes Off~ Her Wardrobe Malfunctions: See Photos of Her Fashion Mishaps

There are many reasons why Taylor Swift is a certified phenomenon. From her ​12 Grammy wins to having one of the biggest fanbases (hey, Swifties), the “Lavender Haze” songstress has become that girl in the music industry. Her professionalism has also played a major part in her success – especially the way she handles unexpected wardrobe malfunctions with style and grace.

Taylor experienced a costume mishap early in her career while performing a sold-out show in Los Angeles in 2011. The Pennsylvania native wore a flowy, purple mini-dress and had the ultimate Marilyn Monroe while singing “You Belong With Me” after she stood in front of a wind machine placed in the front of the stage. Unsurprisingly, Taylor acted as if nothing happened and continued the regularly scheduled performance.

The “Lover” artist later discussed the wardrobe malfunction and revealed “tried” to play cool at the moment.

“We have wind machines for a few songs in the show and they weren’t supposed to be on during that song,” she said during an August 2011 interview on the radio show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest.” “I walked over there thinking it wasn’t on and it just kind of blew it up a little bit. I was sort of like, ‘Well, that’s new’ and just continued the show.”

More than a decade later (yeah, a decade) and Taylor has not only experienced more wardrobe malfunctions, but she’s also gotten better at embracing them. The “Anti-Hero” vocalist experienced one during an April 2023 concert in Tampa Florida, which is a part of her “Eras” U.S. tour.

“@taylorswift13 being an absolute pro handling her garter malfunction during the show tonight! And a special shout-out to The Starlights for helping our girl out,” an online user tweeted at the time.

In the video, Taylor was performing her hit song “Lavender Haze” while donning a purple ensemble including an oversized sparkly T-shirt dress and fur coat. As she walked down the stage, her garter belt started to fall and how she handled it made it seem as if it was a part of the show.

The Lorax star made her way over to her backup dancers who already knew what to do with simple eye contact. As one of the vocalists gracefully took the belt off, Taylor sang the lyrics, “I end up with crisis” and threw her hands up in the air … talk about perfect timing!

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