Relax and refresh! Model Jordyn Woods took to her Instagram Stories to share her experience with a lymphatic drainage massage on Friday, August 7.

“This was everything,” the 22-year-old captioned a video clip of a masseuse rolling out her hamstrings. Jordyn’s booty was on full display during the massage.

jordyn woods lymphatic drainage massage
Courtesy of Jordyn Woods/Instagram

This isn’t the first time she’s documented her lymphatic drainage massage session on social media. She underwent a similar procedure in February.

“Lymphatic drainage massages have a lot of health benefits,” the beauty captioned a video clip of herself getting worked on at the massage table. “Helps remove toxins, improves circulation, helps your immune system and so much more.”


Aside from the obvious wins from a health standpoint, the fitness fanatic also shared the results of the massage — which seemed to even slim down and tone Jordy’s tummy just a bit. “This is after,” she captioned the photo, adding a starry-eyed emoji to hammer home her point.

The seemingly simple practice is used to help those with chronic health issues get the lymph node fluid flowing again which tends to result in, well, a lot of the positives Jordyn listed. The practice is also really helpful after surgeries. Clearly, the influencer is all about taking care of herself.


In fact, Jordyn spoke with Life & Style exclusively about her positive outlook for 2020 and how she planned on doing right by herself in the new year in December 2019.

“Ultimately just good health, good vibes, good friends, positivity,” the brunette bombshell explained her wishes for her upcoming year. “We’re going to kick 2020’s butt — new decade, new energy … Just having a good time and being happy and having fun ultimately. Just make sure you have fun in everything you do so when you work your butt off, it doesn’t feel like work.”

It’s really nice to see the entrepreneur throw herself into constantly leveling up — especially when it comes to her health. “Fitness really was my crutch,” she gushed about how her workout journey helped her through tough times. “[Instead of] dealing with therapy and everything, I just went to the gym, and so not only are you working on yourself to be better, but working up those stairs, that just increases your level for happiness and everything else.”

Yas, girl!