We hate to sound cliché, but here goes nothing: Stars — they’re just like us! Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin stepped out in NYC this week for the most relatable date ever. The newly-engaged couple was spotted at not one, but two fast food chains in Manhattan’s Financial District. 

First, the Biebs and his model lady hit up Dunkin’ Donuts (how pedestrian) for a little coffee action. Later that afternoon, they stopped at Shake Shack for lunch. TBH, Shake Shack is hardly average! It far supersedes any other fast food burger place, but we appreciate how down-to-earth the A-list pair is nonetheless.

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While we absolutely ship any couple who appreciates moderately priced grub, we can’t help but notice that Dunkin’ and Shake Shack aren’t exactly what you’d call wedding diet staples. As it turns out, that’s because Justin and Hailey allegedly aren’t getting hitched anytime soon. Sigh

Sources told TMZ that the couple is in no rush to walk down the aisle and will reportedly be tying the knot next year. A separate source added, however, that despite their seemingly quick engagement, the two are 100 percent committed. “Justin’s been in love with her for a long time, so this didn’t just come from out of the blue.” 

Even if we’d love to see these two get married, like, yesterday, it seems they’re making a healthy decision. “There’s nothing wrong with a speedy engagement. It’s normally the time frame for a speedy marriage that comes into question,” Susan Winter told Life & Style. “Taking your partner ‘off the market’ is a definitive sign of commitment. Perhaps this is a natural correction to our current dating environment of hookups, ghosting, and confused partners,” she added. 

In the meantime, we look forward to Justin and Hailey galavanting around NYC pretending to be a regular ol’ couple — with an estimated combined net worth of $269 million — because, you know, that’s normal.