It’s been a pretty big year for pop star Justin Biebermarriage, a dog, a new tattoo… on his face? Considering we’re only a few days into 2019, who knows what the 24-year-old singer will do over the next twelve months, but it looks as though he’s already started the year with a bang by getting a face tattoo. We would love to know how his new wife, Hailey Baldwin, is feeling about the new addition to her hubby’s face, but TBH, it suits him. If you can believe a face tattoo would suit anyone.

On Jan. 1, Justin’s resident tattoo artist, Jonathan Valena aka @jonboytattoo, posted a poignant and insightful 2018 post, using Justin’s new tattoo as the photo to represent his words. “Thank you to my clients who have become some of my best friends,” Jonathan wrote. “I love you all! God’s grace is sufficient in our weakness and it is by God’s love we are here for 2019!”

Well, this is new! This is the first time fans and followers have seen Justin’s new face tat up close. Though the script is fine, the text of the tattoo just above Biebs’ brow seems to read “Grace,” so it would make sense as to why Jonathan decided to use the pop star’s new ink for his post. It makes even more sense as to why Justin and Jonathan have gotten so close and done so much tattoo work together — the ink master is a former youth pastor.

According to an interview with iD, Jonathan had an overdose at 17 years old, which prompted him to “follow God’s path” and sign up for a seminary and bible school. While he was there, he started to hang out at a local tattoo shop. First step, hanging out, next step, first tattoo. Jonathan left his first session with a barbed wire armband like he was stuck in the 90s, also like he was a true believer. The tattoo artist saw his first set of ink as a version of Jesus’ crown of thorns.

It’s no secret Justin also takes his faith extremely seriously as of late, so it’s really cool to see him foster a connection with his tattoo artist (of all people, right?) over something that is incredibly special to him. Face tats are a little much, but if the Biebs is into it, who are we to judge? If Jesus is cool with it, so are we.