Wheeere’s Justin? After his recent whirlwind marriage to model Hailey Baldwin, pop star Justin Bieber has been laying low when it comes to his music. Undoubtedly, he’s been enjoying married life, but according to a very adorable vid on social media, some of his youngest fans think he’s actually been hanging out in church the whole time. Justin re-shared the video on his own page with a sweet little message for the tiny die-hard supporter and yep, he teased at some new music coming soon. Finally.

On Nov. 29, Justin shared the sweet video, originally posted by the little girl’s mom, to his own Instagram, so fans could see how adorable his little fans really are. In the video, the mom asks the little girl why Justin would “quit” music (the little girl’s words, not ours) and her answer was pretty simple. “Because he was too tired doing it,” the little girl reasoned with her mom. Honestly, she’s probably not wrong. The music business ain’t easy. An off-camera voice chimes in next, presumably belonging to her little brother, who has an entirely different thought on why Justin’s been absent from the music world.

“He wanted to go to church more,” the little boy explained. If we know anything about the way Justin’s currently leading his life, that’s probably also true. Justin and Hailey have both been vocal in the past about their religious beliefs and their love for their church, Hillsong.

Justin’s response to the video was really the icing on the cake to this sweet video, where he assured his fans both big and small that new music is on the horizon. “Don’t believe everything you read sweet little girl, you will hear something from me sooner than you think,” the 24-year-old singer revealed. That definitely sounds promising to us. We bet the whole marriage thing is fun but, that’ll be there when you get home from the studio, Justin! Just give us some music to hold us over.

Well, now that we’ve got word from the Biebs himself that new music is imminent, please forgive us if we don’t click out of our Spotify app till something drops. In the meantime, we should all be blasting classic Bieber through every speaker we’ve got.