Hey Kaitlyn Bristowe, do you want to be the pot or the kettle? The former Bachelorette is taking swings at the franchise that made her famous (and continues to support her lifestyle) on Twitter. The star said that people who want money and fame should just go on the reality show and start blogging after they are sent home. Basically, mocking people — like her — who use their Bachelor fame to make money on Instagram.

She recently responded to a fan asking for advice about how to handle paying off college debt. Her reply? Go on The Bachelor. Amass a ton of followers. Sell products on Instagram.

LOL — okay, we get that Kaitlyn was (mostly) joking but this just sounds so flippant considering she posts regular sponsored posts and that's just not something non-famous people have the opportunity to do. We checked out her Instagram and the 32-year-old Canadian posted sponsored posts promoting products like Colgate toothpaste, posted pics promoting her podcast, and posted photos promoting her TV appearances.

But, in her defense, she doesn't post anywhere near the amount of #spon posts other Bachelor people do (cough, Amanda Stanton, cough). Tbh, Amanda's Insta feed looks more like one big advertisement than actually sharing authentic pictures of her life. But, then again what's authentic about social media especially when you're a reality star?

Keep doing you, Kaitlyn. You are being a smart AF businesswoman when it comes to banking on the show that made you a household name. You have over one million followers on Instagram, a successful podcast, and a hot fiancé. But, maybe next time a fan asks for genuine advice, just give a genuine answer. We can't all be reality stars, you know?