After a two-year engagement, it sounds like Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth are finally making a little progress in their journey to the alter! Kaitlyn finally slithered into a fairytale-worthy wedding dress recently, and she looks entirely breathtaking!

The duo previously stopped by The Morning Breath podcast — which is hosted by Jackie and Claudia Oshry — on Nov. 28 to chat about everything from The Bachelorette to Kaitlyn's music career, but we were most excited to find out that she's already picked out a wedding dress!

"My girlfriend is [bridal designer] Hayley Paige is here in New York so she obviously gets super exited over wedding dresses," she revealed. "We've talked about it, she's shown me some of her designs, and I think I chose one that I really loved." When asked for more details about the appearance of the gown, she admitted that there's actually two dresses she plans to wear on the big day. We're willing to bed that the diamond-encrusted blush number that she's wearing on Instagram isn't one of the gowns she'll wear on the big day, (why would she want to ruin the surprise?!) but it's still beautiful.

The whole experience made Kaitlyn want to walk down the aisle sooner, and she's hoping it would do the same for Shawn. "I want him to go try on a suit or something to get him in the mood because it really got me in the mood!" Unfortunately, Kait insists she still has "no idea" when the wedding will happen. But hey, she's making progress!

Another interesting tidbit? The duo would consider starring in another TV show together! "We definitely liked taking a break and getting to know each other first," said Kaitlyn. "But yeah I don't know, maybe we're in talks right now," teased Shawn. We would kill for a wedding special!

Though very little is still announced about the upcoming nuptials, Kaitlyn joked that their beloved dog Doodle "will probably be Shawn's best man" when the big day finally arrives. Now that we've got to see!