She’s officially the first Bachelorette star to drop a single! Kaitlyn Bristowe released her new song, “If I’m Being Honest,” on Thursday, May 14, and her boyfriend, Jason Tartick, tells Life & Style exclusively he couldn’t be more proud of the amazing achievement.

The country-pop single, which is available now on all major music platforms, is yet another example of Kaitlyn, 34, “manifesting the dreams she had always envisioned,” gushes Jason exclusively to Life & Style. “It’s a testament to her ability to conquer her fears of failure and pursue uncharted territory with a refreshing perspective.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe Cover Art
Jeremy Cowart

Those “fears” come from the constant stream of hate Kaitlyn (and pretty much all celebrities) face online. “We live in a culture with significant societal pressures and Kaitlyn has a remarkable way of converting negative energy into a motivational energy,” the 30-year-old hunk continues, calling his girlfriend’s passion “contagious and empowering.”

Kaitlyn, who recently moved to Nashville and had the chance to work with top music producers and writers, opened up about how the song helped her get through some dark situations. “When I recorded this song over a year ago, I was feeling really connected to the importance of finding strength in difficult times,” she said in a press release. She felt like the coronavirus lockdown was the perfect time to share that strength with fans. “I’m no stranger to depression and anxiety and I’m not naive to how hard isolation is on our collective mental health. It’s a good time to find new ways to connect with people around the world and music is how I’m choosing to do that. Although the lyrics are personal to my story, I’m hoping there’s at least one person out there that can relate.”

So is this the first step of Kaitlyn’s transition into full-on pop star? We’ll just have to wait and see! “I have a couple other songs that I have recorded,” she reveals exclusively to Life & Style. “I haven’t thought too much about a music career, but if people like my song, I might release the other two as well. Music and dancing are two passions I’ve had forever, and will always be a part of my life, but that’s as far as I’ve thought about it for now.” With how much of a bop “If I’m Being Honest” is, we’re keeping our fingers crossed to hear so much more from her!