Jordan Kimball quickly became a fan favorite for his nonstop zingers and comments about his “professionality” and modelling career on The Bachelorette, but it turns out he wasn’t the only male model on this season! Early castoff Kamil is also a professional model, and the hunk captured the audience’s attention — and hearts — for going in on his former castmate during the July 20 Men Tell All special.

If you don’t remember Kamil, it’s probably because he was one of the first guys to get sent home. He greeted Becca by asking her to “meet him 60/40” which seemed to rub her the wrong way. But he was rubbing fans the right way when he insinuated that he’s a better model than Jordan because he works in NYC while Jordan lives in Florida. 

“Okay I don’t have any plans to come to New York Kamil but thank you so much,” Jordan shot back, before finishing off with a big “f–k you!” After the showdown, fans rushed to Twitter to decalre a winner: Kamil!

“I don’t remember Kamil one bit but he’s way hotter as a model than Jordan! ?,” said one fan. “Uh. Was that a model vs model throw down?! Kamil>Jordan,” chimed in another. “Kamil has a point Jordan. Being a model in Florida =\= modeling in NYC,” said a third, while another said, “Kamil is way hotter!!” Then there’s this gem:

If you want to know more about the hunk, we’ve got you covered. He’s originally from Poland, but he now resides in NYC. Though producers dubbed him a “social media participant,” he actually “works in Real Estate?, models, and makes custom ??training programs for many of my followers that are looking to change their lives for the better ❤️.” Oh, and btw, he’s also a Wilhelmina model, just like Jordan. Now, enjoy some pics of the heartthrob below:

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