Ew… Becca Kufrin‘s season of The Bachelorette hasn’t even started — but, there’s already a rumor surrounding one of her men. According to a new reddit thread, Lincoln — who’s originally from Nigeria, not England — has a slightly soiled reputation. The potential suitor showed his allegiance to Arie Luyendyk Jr.‘s ex when he first met her on live TV. He called the racecar driver a “wanker” before leaving a laughing Becca at a loss for words. Well, it looks like she might be at another loss for words once his past comes to light.

“I don’t watch The Bachelor but this is the talk of the floor this morning,” the user wrote. “Lincoln used to s–t on the bathroom floor in his previous position because he thought toilets were unsanitary. He was known as the floor-s–tter and would build a mound of toilet paper and take a s–t on it.”

becca k lincoln getty

Um… what? Now, before you chalk this up to Internet lies, a source recently confirmed the story to Life & Style. “I saw this guy with his pants around his ankles, with toilet paper on the ground, and he’s going to the bathroom on the toilet paper,” the source exclusively revealed. “I kind of double took and couldn’t really understand what I was seeing. Either the next day or the day after that I walk in and he’s doing it again, and I’m like ‘You got to be kidding me.’ When I told my buddies they were like, ‘What?’ they didn’t believe me so I snapped a picture from when you walk in… just to kind of prove it to them — not knowing that the guy is going to be on a TV show two years later.”

What would possess someone to do such a thing? Well, that’s still up for debate. “Word spread like wildfire throughout the company,” the source continued. “We never confirmed why he was doing it. We had theories… but we never confirmed it. We were at ground zero when this thing happened. It was ‘Is he a germaphobe?’ but then it’s like if he’s a germaphobe is going to the bathroom on a piece of toilet paper that much cleaner? The other thing was he wasn’t leaving it for janitors — he was picking it up and getting rid of it somehow. He was either dumping it in the toilet or dumping it in the trash.” Gag.

So basically, Becca was dumped by Arie only to have the option of dating someone who is notorious for taking dumps on the floor. Poor girl. “He’s almost like a bodybuilder, so then we were thinking maybe it’s something about being a complete maniac about bodybuilding and examining it,” the source said. “Had he swallowed something valuable by accident? Was it a religious thing? We couldn’t wrap our head around why. We never confirmed the real reason.”

For all fans know, the real reason could be confirmed on the upcoming season of The Bachelorette. It’s not a secret how producers use contestants’ dirty little secrets in order to create drama on the show. It’s totally possible that Lincoln’s bathroom secret will be a storyline this season. “Word spread to the point where it got to our managers and I believe HR was notified, but I don’t know if they ever dealt with it because of the sensitivity of the issue,” the source admitted. “Like I don’t even know if they knew how to handle it. It was happening over an extended period of time. Then I don’t know if word got back to him that people knew about it and either stopped or started doing it somewhere else.”

Like Bachelor mansion, perhaps? Well, this season is already off to an entertaining start. When asked what Becca should do with this information, the source concluded, “She’s definitely getting herself into a bit of a s–tty situation.”

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