The Kardashian kids may have an enviably glamorous life, but it must not feel that unusual if you were born into it! Kim Kardashian revealed that her kids actually don't know that their family is famous, despite the over-the-top birthday parties and constant cameras following them around!

"It's pretty intense, but like at home I'm not known," Kim told Sam Rubin on ITV's This Morning , when he asked how it feels to be so over-the-top famous. Kim says her children don't see her as anything special (besides mommy) and, in turn, they don't have an idea of how well-known they are, either. "Like my kids have no clue what's going on," she continued. "So, I don't really feel it, I spend most of my time at home, so, I mean, obviously I get it, I know it."

It sounds like her family's ongoing closeness and realness is what keeps them grounded, and though Kim says they're all "grateful" and "appreciative" of everything they have, "I mean, we're still exactly the same."

Recently, Kim revealed that to teach her daughter North to have a good work ethic and to keep her from becoming a brat, she makes her work to earn the designer gifts she's often given. "What I do for her birthday, she gets gifts and then she has to be really good and do her chores and walk her dog," Kim revealed. "We have a chore chart that she has to make her bed. She has so many things she has to do if she wants to get something, so she doesn't really get a whole lot of stuff like you would think." See! Despite having nice things and famous parents, they're not so different from any other kid!

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