Skincare that’s fit for a royal! Duchess Kate (née Middleton) uses a unique oxygen facial to help keep her skin looking youthful and glowing. Life & Style exclusively spoke with skincare expert and founder of Crystal Clear Skincare, Sharon Hilditch, about the treatment.

“One of the articles that appeared in the national press here was Kate having our crystal clear oxygen system and the oxygen treatment, [which] is a beautiful treatment. You’re delivering oxygen and a special serum to the skin,” Sharon explained. The Duchess of Cambridge is just one of her celeb clients. The spa has also been frequented by Kate Moss, Madonna, Jude Law and more.

Kate Middleton Gets Oxygen Facial

The special treatment is non-invasive but gives impressive results — so it’s no wonder it’s loved by celebs and royals alike. “We call it the injection without the needle because it’s in a closed-circuit environment and you’re literally pulsing it into the skin. So you’re not using a needle, but it gives you an immediate fresh, glowing, beautiful skin,” Sharon explained. “I presume that’s what the press has said Kate has had. And that’s all we presume she’s had.”

The skin expert confessed that Kate isn’t the only one in the family who takes great care of herself. “The Queen [Elizabeth II] has the most amazing skin. When I was at the Palace, that was the first thing I noticed about her,” Sharon divulged. “She’s never been in the sun and she uses sunscreen. A high factor because her skin is absolute — for her age — is the best skin I’ve ever seen!”

She added, “She’s got porcelain skin. The same as Kate actually because Kate’s got very porcelain tight skin. She’s beautiful. But the Queen for her age, her skin is just amazing! You can tell without being in the sun.”

Kate is looking more gorgeous than ever these days and a source exclusively told Life & Style magazine that it’s because she’s getting ready for her exciting future. “She’s going more glam as she prepares to become queen,” the insider revealed. “Kate began training for her future role last year, which not only involves shadowing Queen Elizabeth II but working with royal aides, who are advising her on how to act and look the part, too.”

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