With Kate Middleton‘s due date just a couple of months away, everyone is beginning to wonder what she and Prince William will name their third child! Bets have already been placed by UK bookies and according to their expert knowledge, Mary is the first choice for a baby girl whereas Albert and Arthur are the top-ranked names for a baby boy.

Ladbrokes — a Britain-based betting and gambling company — said the odds of William and Kate naming their child Mary is 7:1. The name has a long history in the royal family; not only is Queen Elizabeth’s middle name Mary, but it was also her grandmother’s name.

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Jessica Bridges, who is the head of PR at Ladbrokes, said betters are sure the new royal addition will be a girl. But, they don’t exactly know why Mary has surpassed Alice as the name of choice considering the fact that Mary isn’t even on the list of top 100 names for girls in England and Wales.

She said, “We can’t quite put our finger on the link between Mary and the North West, but the overwhelming support means we have a new favorite in the royal baby name market.” With Alice coming in at a close second to Mary, bets have also been placed on the name Victoria at 8:1 odds and Alexandra at 16:1. Albert and Arthur both have odds at 12:1.

Life & Style previously reported that Kate could be expecting twins. However, the couple has yet to say a word about the name or sex of their third child — or the twins — but if these bookies are correct, the world should expect to welcome Princess Mary in April.