Even the Duchess of Sussex has her beauty regimens! Skincare expert Kate Somerville gave Life & Style some exclusive tips on how to get that gorgeous, dewy look Duchess Meghan (née Markle) is always rocking. Needless to say, the world-renowned professional only had lovely things to say about the royal — and her impeccable skin.

“She’s been a client for a long time and that was really before she was the duchess, you know?” Kate exclusively revealed at the Daytime Beauty Awards in West Hollywood. “Cause she was part of Hollywood and we were part of her gorgeous team.” Naturally, having such an expert on Meg’s glam squad helped give the beautiful 38-year-old royal some seriously envy-worthy skin. But it’s definitely not as difficult as you would think.

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“Exfoliating is huge, because you’re getting rid of that top layer and dead skin. So that’s gonna give any skin a ‘woo’ because you’re showing the new. And then, our quench,” the specialist revealed, shouting out her brand’s Quench hydrating serum. “So I always believe in exfoliation, hydration and then the moisturizer for you. So, those are my three tips that I give all my clients.”

Essentially, her mantra boils down to this: “Let’s get rid of the top so we get the glow. Let’s hydrate deeply so we plump and lift and hydrate, and then let’s seal it in with the moisturizer that you may need.” We think that’s pretty solid every day advice.

The 50-year-old even gave a little insight into her own routine. “So for me, I’m retinol and vitamin C, cause I have a lot of pigment in my skin,” she dished. “So that’s really what I try and do, and those are my main three steps.”

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Kate also made sure to note one piece of advice she’s found to be decidedly unhelpful over the years. “I was taught cleanse, tone, moisturizer, and I have to tell you that’s not going to change your skin,” she admitted. “Exfoliate, hydrate deeply and moisturize, and you’re good, right? And then you can plug in those really great ingredients, like retinol and vitamin C.”

Sounds like we’ve got ourselves a royal routine for winter!