Down to earth! Meghan Markle may be a royal, but she still acts like her old self. Her makeup artist, Daniel Martin, revealed that she’s always been super easy to work with — even after the 38-year-old’s life drastically changed when becoming a duchess.

Daniel, who did Meg’s makeup when she was an actress and again when she married Prince Harry in May 2018, confessed that he had no idea the impact it would have on his career to contribute to her wedding day look.

While the royal wedding was a super huge deal, Meg still remained calm. Even during the preparation, there was no sign of a bridezilla. “She’s the most chill person and that morning was just, like, easy. That’s why it didn’t … nothing fazed us,” he added. “I didn’t have a makeup trial with her because we just couldn’t make the time. I knew what she liked and what she didn’t like. We exchanged like Pinterest pictures over text.”

Meghan Markle on Her Wedding Day
David Fisher/Shutterstock

“I mean literally, it was like a friend asking me to do her wedding. I was like, ‘I’m happy you’re happy, of course I’ll do your makeup,'” he told the “Gloss Angeles” podcast for their latest episode published on August 20.

“But I didn’t anticipate being asked to the wedding either,” he continued. “And at that time, my other best friend was getting married the weekend after in Tuscany, so I’m like, ‘Oh, ok, cool, this works out because then I can get to Europe early … but it really didn’t hit us, like Serge and I, until we were in the car and that we understood the capacity of what that day was going to be like. Because we were driving right behind her and we were just seeing people who had been outside for hours trying to just get a glimpse — that’s when we were like holy s–t this is like major.”

You can say that again!