Move over, Bobby Berk! It looks like Katherine Schwarzenegger is coming for your brand. Now that the author, 29, has moved in with her fiancé, Chris Pratt, she’s making the actor’s humble abode her own. “She’s getting rid of all his furniture and styling up his house and making it more light and airy,” a source dished exclusively to Life & Style.

“She’s choosing neutral wood and hardware furniture teamed with white and beige sofas, mixed with boldly colored and patterned accessories.” That sounds divine, if you ask us! As it happens, though, Katherine’s ideas aren’t entirely original. In fact, the source noted that she’s modeling Chris’ place “sort of” like her old home. Well, you know what they say, if it ain’t broke … don’t fix it.

Chris Pratt and Fiancee Katherine Schwarzenegger Are All Smiles Leaving the Gym

The famous daughter isn’t just stopping at home furnishings, however. “She’s also throwing out a lot of Chris’ clothes and replacing them with designer duds,” the source continued. Don’t worry, y’all. The father-of-one, 39, is A-OK with his lady’s Marie Kondo-inspired mission. “Chris doesn’t mind and is happy to let Katherine take the lead,” the source assured. “She’s working with an interior designer to make his house more to her taste — and more child-friendly.”

Yep, you read that correctly. Katherine and Chris are already thinking about little ones before they’ve even walked down the aisle! “She’s working on a nursery so kids are definitely on the agenda,” the source confirmed.

Katherine Schwarzenegger playing outside with Chris Pratt's son

Considering Katherine is a dream when it comes to taking care of Chris’ son, Jack, we have no doubt that she’ll make a fantastic mother. “Dating a guy with a kid can be intimidating, but Katherine has eased into this scenario no problem,” an additional source previously told Life & Style. “She’s a natural with kids and it helps that she had so many younger siblings growing up. She’s very maternal and has an innate ability to understand creative little minds.”

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