The most controversial moment of the Met Gala was not Rihanna's Pope-inspired gown, but rather Kendall Jenner seemingly pushing a security guard out of her way on the red carpet. Kendall, who rocked a white bodysuit by designer Virgil Abloh, was posing for the cameras when she lightly nudged the guard forward — prompting social media to explode into a debate about her ~diva~ behavior.

"Hey @KendallJenner, this guy was just doing his job, and yet you thought it was ok to push him out of the way so you could take a photo? Get over yourself," one person tweeted before another added, "Kendall Jenner shows up to the #MetGala in the most bland toilet paper outfit and had the nerve to push one of the handlers out of the way who was just doing his job on the carpet #Rude."

However, most fans came to her defense, claiming the 22-year-old model was only stopping the guard from backing into her. "Ok, I’m not [Kendall's] biggest fan, but she didn’t push or shove anyone. Even I can see that and I actively look for reasons to dislike them lol," one fan wrote to haters. Another agreed, writing, "Since you media loves to bring drama, watch the video closely, the guy keeps stepping back and Kendall used her hand to push him [a] lil bit.. anything for a Kardashian drama."

Pushing aside, there was no denying that Kendall looked amazing on the red carpet. She was joined at the event by her sisters Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, who all embodied the "Heavenly Bodies" theme in very different ways. Kim rocked a gold Versace gown embroidered with crosses for a more literal take on the theme, while Kylie went all black in Alexander Wang alongside her boyfriend Travis Scott for her first post-baby appearance. "This dress was inspired by the iconic gold chainmail and cross designs from the 1997 Versace couture show," Kim explained of her dress. We're Team Kendall on this one.