A storm is coming! Speaking with Ellen DeGeneres, Kendall Jenner teased the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, including what role her older sister Kourtney Kardashian will play.

The 24-year-old supermodel said that Kourtney, 40, isn’t “necessarily” leaving the series, however, viewers can expect some definite changes … and drama! 

“Kourtney has boundaries, which is totally understandable. I think I’ve always kind of not let my personal life entirely on the show, so it’s just kinda always been a thing for me,” Kendall expressed. “But then with Kourtney, she did at one point let her personal life be on the show, and so now, it’s more of a shift, I guess, for everyone to understand.”

Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian
Katie Jones/WWD/Shutterstock

Even with the “shift,” the Victoria’s Secret alum promises premium entertainment from the Kar-Jenner bunch. “But no, I don’t think she’s fully confirmed to not be on the show? Let’s just say it gets a little bit crazier before it gets any better,” Kendall laughed. “And it’s just … there’s some pretty crazy things that happen.”

In November 2019, Kourtney shocked KUWTK fans everywhere by announcing that she’s taking a break from reality TV.  Of course, she, too, teased a little drama. 

“I just decided to spend more time as a mom and put more of my energy there, but I am not saying goodbye,” the poosh.com founder told Entertainment Tonight. “But I think you will have to see more of it on the new season — season 18. It isn’t airing yet, but it’s being filmed. Currently, in this room.”

Unsurprisingly, Kourtney’s sisters Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian had some, er, opinions on their siblings decisions. “Yeah, I mean, we definitely love Kourtney and will miss Kourtney and whatever she decides to do,” KoKo assured. “But people come, people go all the time in this family. We feel like it’s a revolving door, so Kourtney might leave this week, she’ll be back. They all come back.”

Needless to say, we are pumped for season 18!

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