Kendra Wilkinson has come a long way since her days as a sexy Playboy playmate — now she’s a happy mother-of-two just trying to live a normal life.

Suddenly, being a sex symbol isn’t a priority for the 29-year-old anymore. In fact, she ENJOYS not being gawked at by men — so much so, that she’s considering taking her breast implants out!

“If guys don’t like my body now that’s actually a good thing, that means I’m shedding the Playboy image,” she said. “The person I feel like today isn’t a person with big boobs — I feel like I’m trapped in this body right now.”

kendra wilkinson boobs

Kendra during her Playboy days.

She also considers her breast implants a “phase” she went through, and one that she’d like to move past. But despite her large breasts, Kendra is still happier than ever with herself.

“I actually love my body even more now because I remember being that thin and wishing I could fit into high-waisted jeans and sophisticated dresses but they just looked frumpy on me.”

kendra wilkinson

2005 vs. 2015.

Nowadays, Kendra’s focusing on being a mother to Hank Baskett IV, 5, and Alijah Mary Baskett, 10 months — and a loving wife to Hank Baskett.