Kevin Costner’s rumored romance with Jewel fizzled out some time ago, as Life & Style reported at the time. However, the Horizon director is determined to find himself another high-profile lover and has a long list of eligible A-list Hollywood beauties in mind.

“He had a great time with Jewel and isn’t ruling out seeing her again, but as far as it getting serious, he’s accepted that’s just not happening,” an insider exclusively tells Life & Style. “But he’s fine with that and actually quite excited to be free for the summer to date whoever he wants.”

The source continued, “There are so many gorgeous and eligible women in his circle catching his eye right now. They were off limits to him when he was married, and even in the past he avoided dating anyone in the industry because he worried it would lead to a conflict, but he’s thrown that old rule out and is seeing all the possibilities instead.”

As for who Kevin, 69, might have his eyes on, the insider thinks the sky’s the limit.

“He’s A-list, so there’s no reason he shouldn’t have an A-list girlfriend,” the source explains. “He’s always been close to Jennifer Aniston, who adores him and would most likely go on a date with him in a heartbeat. There’s Sandra Bullock, who he’s known for years. Reese Witherspoon is single now and he’s always had a crush on her, there’s nothing to stop him from asking her out.”

It seems Brad Pitt’s ex-wife might be on the list as well.

Kevin Costner Is on the Hunt for an A-List Girlfriend
Mike Marsland / Getty Images

The insider adds, “And the same goes for Angelina Jolie, who he could easily get an intro to through his good buddy Billy Bob Thornton. He’s not setting anything in stone or obsessing over any one woman right now, he’s just really excited about the idea of throwing himself into dating full force. He’s done holding himself back, he’s totally opened up to the idea of dating a fellow movie star, and everyone in his world is cheering him on.”

The former Yellowstone star was married to Christine Baumgartner for 18 years before she filed for divorce in May 2023. Things between the couple became messy when Kevin requested that Christine, 50, move out of their shared marital home after paperwork filed by the Bull Durham actor’s lawyer on July 5, 2023, claimed that Christine refused to leave. The following week a judge ruled on Kevin’s behalf regarding the amount of child support he was required to pay the handbag designer. Kevin was ordered to pay $129,755 a month which was less than half of what Christine initially asked for.

Christine caused fans to raise eyebrows when she and Josh Connor, a close friend of both Christine and Kevin, embarked on a Hawaii vacation together in July 2023.

“Kevin’s stunned that Josh, whom Kevin has known for years and considers a very good friend, would go on vacation with Christine,” a source revealed to In Touch in August 2023. “Kevin’s being told there’s nothing going on, that they’re strictly friends, but he finds that hard to believe. If Christine’s doing this to upset Kevin, it’s working.”

Christine and Josh officially began dating in September 2023, and her divorce from Kevin was finalized in February.