There’s really no better example of exes staying friends than Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick — but the Lord might be regretting that decision on March 20. While riding in the car with his ex and her sister Khloé Kardashian, the 35-year-old was nagged and teased relentlessly by the famous sisters.

In the hilarious video, Khloé, 34, and Kourt, 39, take turns saying “the gander and the goose” in a British accent, while trying to get Scott to join in. “Indubitably!” Khloé cries. “Subliminally sublime!” Kourt chimes in. All the while, Khloé kept pointing the camera back at Scott with the caption, “Scott hates us,” and then “I mean … he HATES us!” Every time they talk, he shakes his head and looks annoyed.

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Happy Birthday babe! Thank you for being you.

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But eventually they got to him. As Kourtney began to say “the gander… ” you can hear Scott whisper “… and the goose,” before finally shouting “The goose and the gander!” at his wit’s end. “Oh my goodness,” Khloé said, writing, “Finally we broke him.” For her part, Kourtney shared the video on her own Story and wrote, “we’re amazing car ride entertainment.”

While his ex is living to annoy him, Scott is getting nothing but support from his current girlfriend, Sofia Richie, who is currently working in Kuwait while Scott hangs with the Kardashians. Before her flight back to L.A., the 20-year-old shared a snap rocking L.D.’s brand Talentless from head to toe with the caption “Always Reppin’.” How cute is she?

Don’t worry, we’re sure Sofia is cool with Scott spending time with Khloé and Kourtney while she’s away. Scott’s former and current flames proved that they’re on good terms over the holidays when the appeared in some photos together while sunbathing. And as for Koko, Scott has been besties with her for years and even recently made her his #WCW. If that doesn’t bother Sofia, nothing will!