There have been some crazy baby name theories about the Kardashian kids, but this is by far the most hilarious. Thanks to Tristan Thompson’s salacious cheating scandal just one day before Khloé Kardashian gave birth, a headline trend cropped up that convinced fans Khloé had gone off the deep end while naming her child. While Khloé still hasn’t revealed what she named her daughter, it’s almost certainly not “Amid Drama.”

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One of the headlines about Khloé giving birth read, “Khloé Kardashian Has Given Birth to Her First Baby Amid Drama with Tristan Thompson.” Several fans read it as “Khloé has given birth to her first baby, Amid Drama, with Tristan Thompson.” “I literally just thought Khloé Kardashian named her baby Amid Drama and that wouldn’t even be the worst baby name in the family,” wrote one confused fan.

It’s true, the Kardashians love their odd baby names. Saint, North, Chicago, Reign, Dream… “Drama” honestly fits right in! There’s still very few hints about what Khloé did choose to name her daughter, but her plans may have changed after Tristan’s cheating scandal. Originally she told fans on Twitter that the baby’s name would “start with a T,” like Tristan. But maybe after he was exposed for betraying her with multiple women, she changed her mind.

Reports claim that Khloé may also abandon plans to give “Baby Thompson” Tristan’s last name. She was definitely planning to, since they even used the moniker on a neon sign at the baby shower, but that may have changed if she doesn’t think Tristan will continue to be a big part of their lives. Who knows, maybe “Amid Drama” will end up being a good compromise.

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