Things just keep getting worse for Tristan Thompson. The Cleaveland Cavaliers player may have just become a dad for the second time — with girlfriend Khloé Kardashian giving birth to a baby girl just a few days ago. But as news of his cheating scandal continues to break, an alleged fifth mistress has now been identified.

Tania Joyce Benitah is the latest woman 27-year-old Tristan is accused of having an affair with during Khloé’s pregnancy. The alleged affair goes as far back as November 2017 when the two were spotted leaving a hotel in NYC together. Tania — who identifies herself as a model on social media — is hardly the first that Tristan has been seen with. Reports have been flooding in ever since news of Tristan’s infidelity broke with at least four other mistresses confirmed.

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But Tania isn’t going down with a fight. Or at least, her parents aren’t. In a recent interview with Radar Online, Benitah’s parents vehemently denied the affair.

“She’s telling me nothing happened,” Tania’s father told the website. “She’s a friend of one of the guys who plays on the same team.”

Want to know more about Tristan’s alleged fifth mistress? Here’s everything we know so far about Tania Joyce Benitah.

She’s a sales manager at Dior in New York City.

Not much has been confirmed about Tania but several social media accounts for Tania indicate that she currently works at Dior in NYC as a sales manager. Her previous work was listed on LinkedIn as working at other high-end retail companies like Gucci and the Mulberry Company.

Tania speaks fluent French.

On both her LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, Tania lists that she’s a bilingual speaker. Aside from speaking English, the model and retail manager says she’s fluent in French.

Tristan and Tania have been spotted together several times over the last five months.

They were seen leaving the Four Seasons Downtown, though not together. On Feb. 11, Tania was seen supporting the Cavaliers in Boston. Later that night, photos of her out at a nightclub surfaced online. In March 2018, they were seen together again, this time in Purgal, a club in NYC. They not only left Purgal at exactly the same time, but they also got in the same Escalade and it’s alleged that Tristan did not make his midnight team curfew at the Four Seasons that night.

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Her accounts have since been deactivated.

In addition to denying the affair, Tania has deactivated her LinkedIn and made her Instagram private. She also deleted all of the posts on her private IG and deactivated her Facebook account.

“She’s very upset,” Tania’s dad continued. Tania’s mother urged, “Tell Khloe to call me so I can assure her this is not true.”