A guy's money means nothing when you're as successful as Khloé Kardashian. The loaded reality star and entrepreneur thought she had found "The One" in NBA player Tristan Thompson, but that may have changed after her was caught cheating on her with multiple women, just one day before she gave birth to their first child. Tristan may have an impressive net worth, but it's nothing compared to Khloé's, and if she decides to leave him in the dust for his infidelity, she'll be just fine without him.

So how much is Tristan worth? The athlete hit the big time in 2011 when he was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers after only one year playing college b-ball for the Texas Longhorns. The Toronto-born dude has been playing for the Cavs ever since — look for him on the court with the No. 13 jersey! In fact, he even signed a five-year contract worth $82 million in 2015, following four months of negotiations. Cleveland is probably glad they ponied up the money for Tristan, though, since the Cavs took the NBA championship the following year. He's also dabbled in modelling, most recently sporting looks for the GQxNeimanMarcus collab.

Anyway, Celebrity Net Worth pegs the 26-year-old’s worth as $8 million, though his relatioship with Khloé may have affected that. The same site lists his salary at $5.1 million, though really, he’s earning $16.4 per year with that recent contract. It’s safe to say he’s set for the rest of his life, but it's still nowhere near Khloé's estimeated value of a whopping $40 million. So yeah, he's worth $32 million less than his baby mama… maybe he shouldn't have screwed her over.

Khloé could certainly support a child all by herself — and pay for the very best nannies to help her — and it turns out that she may have been prepared to do that all along. A source told In Touch that even before the cheating scandal, Tristan was dragging his feet on marriage. "Khloé is strong but sad," explained the insider. "She's been so unlucky in love. Tristan is there for fun but not the full-time commitment, so she will be raising this baby alone." At least we know she can afford it!