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HELLO!See Mara Wilson and the Kids From ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Today!

Mrs. Doubtfire was a blessing in disguise for the Hillard kids — and audiences everywhere.

Over two decades after its premiere, the iconic comedy helmed by late actor Robin Williams is still a fan-favorite and guaranteed to put a smile on your face all these years later.

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Even Lisa Jakub, Matthew Lawrence, and Mara Wilson, who played kids Lydia, Chris, and Natalie respectively, look back at the film and their time with Robin with fond memories.

“He was very respectful around me. He had kids himself and obviously, he’s known for some of his blue material; he didn’t do that around us,” Mara, 29, said of her on-screen father turned nanny. “But he was hilarious, he did all sorts of crazy funny stuff with us all the time, too. We had a lot of fun."

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Now all grown up, Lisa, 38, penned a memoir about growing up in the spotlight following the success of the 1993 movie.

Inside, she revealed the biggest lessons she learned from spending time with the Oscar-winning actor.

"Robin would go off onto one of his brilliant tangents and I would stand there looking panicked," she told Today. "I learned pretty quickly that wasn't going to work and I needed to go with the flow and not just wait for my turn to talk. Those things are helpful for an actor and in real life — you can assume you know exactly how it's always going to go, and you find that's not what always happens."

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Middle brother Matthew, who is now 37 years old, even has high hopes for a sequel.

"I hope they make the second as good as the first," he told TMZ in 2014. The first was so good. It will be great to get the family back together.’

For a look at the kids and the rest of the cast today, click through the gallery below!