North West is one smart two-year-old!

Somehow the toddler managed to upload a sexy throwback photo of Kim Kardashian on Instagram – all while playing a game on her mom's iPhone, because that's what North does.

Kim shared the bikini pic below with the caption, "North posted this while playing games on my phone. Not sure why or how she chose it but I'm not complaining! LOL I deleted it so now reposting it myself! #FBF from 10 years ago."

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We have so many questions! Like, how does North know how to use Instagram? Why did Kim delete it and then immediately repost it? And more importantly, why is this photo on Kim's phone in the first place?! We'll never fully understand the Kardashian way. Sigh.

While Kim decided to reupload this pic after she took it down, that's definitely not the norm. Click through the gallery to see deleted celebrity Instagram pics that were never reposted once stars removed them.