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Living Large! Take a Tour of Kim Kardashian’s Expansive Garden and Orchard: Photos

All natural! Kim Kardashian gave a tour of her expansive garden and orchard, and her Calabasas backyard is something to behold. 

“An afternoon walk in the garden,” the Kardashians star, 42, could be heard saying in the background of an Instagram Stories video on Wednesday, March 8, as she strolled along a path in an orchard. “I’m going to start picking some fruits … There’s so many amazing ones.”

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum said she went back to her “Armenian” roots by growing apricots and pomegranates, adding, “I love my garden.”

Kim’s crops are certainly impressive, as she also grows artichokes, avocados, apples and much more. She also showed multiple bins of “freshly cut” produce that included gorgeous green broccoli and crisp bunches of lettuce and kale. 

Of course, she doesn’t solely grow things for consumption on her expansive Los Angeles property, she also has tons of bright and colorful flowers, including jasmine plants that smelled “sooooo good.”

The Skims founder’s garden is something that she’s been working on for years. She previously revealed to sister Kourtney Kardashian’s lifestyle site Poosh that she tapped Heart Beet Gardening to bring her dream to life while ensuring her garden was climate conscious.

“[Kim] wanted the most local, organic herbs and produce she could find for her own farm-to-table experience,” said the article, which was published in 2022. “This little garden perched on a hill in her yard was designed to be climate-conscious and bursting with life for her and her family — while donating any excess top-tier organic produce to food banks.”

Heart Beet Gardening did quite a bit of work to ensure the SKKN founder’s garden not only produced the best food but was also climate conscious in Southern California, which often experiences droughts. 

The organization uses the practice of companion planting as a method of organic pest management as one way to decrease the carbon footprint. 

“For instance, we plant basil and tomatoes together, because the pungent aroma in the basil helps keep harmful insects out. You will also see native and edible flowers in the garden to attract beneficial insects,” Jad, one of the organization’s gardeners told Poosh at the time.

He continued, “Another important practice is ensuring high-quality soil. As with a lot of urban soils, the soil on the hill was depleted when we first tested it in 2019. By rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring the degraded soil biodiversity, we have transformed the hill into a fertile orchard and garden, teeming with life.”

Keep scrolling to see photos of Kim’s garden and orchard!